Performance Marketing Specialists

Performance Marketing Specialists

ROI matters

The Online Business Company is a leading performance marketing firm that breaks through the clutter of marketing chit-chat and theorising to deliver results that truly matter. We don’t really care about brand awareness because for the small business owners like ourselves brand awareness rarely pays the bills.

What we love and focus on is Return on Investment (R0I) and how we can dictate and predict it – after planning, launching, optimising and testing of course. “It’s about the Dollar Bill Y’all”!

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Profit from your online presence

Whether it’s on the internet or it’s offline, marketing is MARKETING and should produce a return on investment for the business. But so many people forget this fact or are simply not aware of it.

We’re different because marketing sits at the foundation of EVERYTHING that we do. However our Search Engine Marketing service is not for everyone. Go here to find out if your business is suitable.

YouTube® Ads for Profit

YouTube® Ads for Profit

Need more customers?

Perfect for local businesses, our YouTube® Ads Campaigns have a single objective: to get your phone ringing and get new business as soon as possible this week.

It’s really as simple as that.

Go here to make an enquiry about our fixed fee ad campaign set up and managements service.

*The Online Business Company is not affiliated with Youtube® nor are we endorsed by YouTube®.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Inject your compelling messages

Contrary to popular belief, social media is not a strategy.

However we can develop a customised strategy for you that profitably leverages the top social media platforms and search engine optimisation to drive customers to your website, other web properties and compelling offers.

Online Business Optimisation for Market Domination

According to the former CMO of The Coca-Cola Company, Sergia Zyman: ”The sole purpose of marketing is to get more people to buy more of your products, more often and for more money.”

Not only do we agree, our Online Business Optimisation service helps you achieve this. But it’s not for everyone as we only work with select number of businesses at any give time and you have to meet certain strict criteria.

If your application is successful, however, you will end up with a highly optimised online presence, a larger customer base and a more profitable business.

Although web design and social media promotions may play a part, the sum total of what we do is far greater that these individual elements.

Based on your business goals and specific situation, our team will develop and execute a highly researched and customised plan for you, the foundation of which will be MARKETING. And thus the purpose of which is to generate more profitable sales for your company.

In other words, we’re performance marketing experts.

If this is what you’re looking for then visit the OpportunityExplorer™ page to get started